Social Media Resume


I’m a writer and social media specialist, returning to Canada after living in Seoul for three years. I have been developing “A Blog Abroad”, a growing website about life and pop culture in Korea, as well as K-Soul Magazine, an English language website aimed at promoting Korean pop culture to a booming international audience.


Coordinator – The River and Wilder Show (2016 – 2017)

As the marketing coordinator for the River and Wilder Show, I was responsible for communications with companies and influencers, and I reach out to potential collaboration partners. I also provided insight into social media platforms, and assist with reaching out to viewers.


Social Media Assistant (Paddle The Rouge)- Wildlands League (2016 – 2017)

As the social media assistant, I coordinated  all social media related responsibilities for Wildlands League, chapter of Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, for organization of 3rd annual Paddle the Rouge event. I managed the Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as event page and event Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and encouraged discussion and usage of hashtag #PaddletheRouge which trended nationally for part of the afternoon during the event. As well, I created graphics for social media promotions and provided live coverage throughout the event, which contributed to overall success of the event honoured by the presence of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Editor, Creator – K-Soul (2012-2017)

As the editor and head writer, I am in charge of the majority of our major articles. I contact agencies for press coverage and interviews, and often am the point of contact for all press. I wrote many of our articles based out of Korea before I relocated back to Canada, and now am responsible for overseeing five regular reporters globally to make sure that they are able to access events that they need to, and make sure that they are reporting back in a timely manner. I also proof and edit each piece, and edit and do final decisions for the photography we run.

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Creator – A Blog Abroad (2010 – 2017)

Since 2010, I have been blogging regularly about travel and pop culture through my website. Before moving to South Korea, I would write movie reviews and use the site as an archive for my published freelance work that could be found in local articles. However, after moving to South Korea, my writing took a focus towards Korean pop culture.

Developing my writing skills over the three years I spent in Korea, I developed my site to focus on life in South Korea as a k-pop fan, writing concert reviews while still writing about Korean culture from a young, modern perspective. I write about Korea differently than many other people who come to Asian countries, because I might not have the same appreciation for Korean food (due to an inability to eat many of the foods) or the ancient traditions. However, it was with this honesty that many could enjoy my writing because I was very honest about what I enjoyed and what I did struggle with.

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“Seoul Searching” Contributing Writer – The Brockville Observer

I was a bi-weekly contributing writer to The Brockville Observer, writing about my life and experiences in South Korea. I continued this position until the paper’s closure in October 2011.